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Here at Security Solutions UK, we've got over thirteen years of experience fitting alarms so we've seen a few systems! We think it only fair that we offer you some kind of comparison of our favourite Enforcer line by Pyronix Hikvision, with a few others that are on the market.

If you'd like more information about other systems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

YALEBest alarms at - Yale

You're most likely familiar with the name, Yale is of course a very well-known manufacturer of locks so it's hardly surprising in this day nan' age that the company has branched out into slightly more hi-tec products.

A budget alarm available at many DIY outlets, the Yale EF series should be considered as a basic system. They're often fitted by single, individual tradesmen, often specialising in another field such as domestic electrical service or even plumbing.

The Intruder series and the Smart Home series have features found in more upmarket systems that are offered by other manufacturers.

Subjectively, we don't particularly like the look of the components that make up the Yale range but they're easy to program and Yale does offer several ranges to suite varying budgets. With limited expansion options however, Yale systems aren't suitable for larger homes and shouldn't be considered as an upgrade to a wired system.

VISONICBest alarms at - Visonic PowerMax

The mid-range Visonic PowerMax and more expensive PowerMaster systems look fantastic. They offer good, reliable features expected from modern alarm systems and match well on price with competitors. The company's website is easy to navigate and very helpful. It's such a shame that the Visonic user interface is so complicated. Many criticise it for not being at all intuitive. Arming and disarming your alarm system shouldn't be a ceremony. It should be easy and just take a few seconds. Unfortunately programming peripherals isn't easy either.

We don't expect our customers to get a degree in how to use their alarm so that's why we reluctantly do not recommend any of the Visonic range of alarms.

TEXECOMBest alarms at - Texecom

If you're after style, look no further. The Texecom range comprises very well designed components and offers a range of keypads, sensors and bell boxes that quite simply, look very cool and quite different to those from other manufacturers. Daisy-chaining components  via Texecom's proprietary Ricochet Mesh technology, allows the Texecom system to cover very large areas making it ideal for larger properties.

With a great website, Texecom makes available a whole host of resources. Unlike the others, Texecom doesn't seem to offer 'ranges' or 'series' as such but focuses on delivering one seriously powerful, versatile and good-looking monster with only one downside; price. Yes, it's considerably more expensive than the rest!

PYRONIX ENFORCERBest alarms at - Pyronix Enforcer

A good balance of style, functionality including the latest features that we all expect from an alarm system and extreme reliability, there's good reason why the Pyronix Enforcer range is so incredibly popular. By far the most cost effective solution we can recommend, the Enforcer range is also versatile. There's an Enforcer package for every home which makes this system our favourite and the one our customer like the most.