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Burglar alarms aren't exactly exciting so it's no surprise and an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of us won't even think of buying an alarm system until after an incident. There's no way of putting that nicely! If you're visiting our website as a result of a recent break-in or attempted break-in, then you have our sincere sympathy. All we can offer is the opportunity of preventing a similar incident occurring in the future.

We’re keen to share our thirteen years of experience so after you purchase a system, we’ll contact you to arrange a site survey of your property and advise on the locations of specific components such as PIR sensors, door contacts and control panels . After installation, the system will be set up and our installer will guide you through the operating procedure.

Only Security Solutions UK offers a 24-month warrantyTo find out why our customers like the Pyronix Enforcer series of alarm systems and why it's our best seller and the only series featured in our online store, just click here.

Okay, we get it! There’s so much to choose from, you don’t know anything about burglar alarms, you don’t want to know anything about burglar alarms,  and our online store is confusing but… you still want your home protected. No problem, just contact us to arrange a free survey of your property and impartial advice on what system would best suit your needs.